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Register For Our Mini-Camps!

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Elevate your game and elevate your mindset with one of our Summer Basketball Mini-Camps!

Our team of all star coaches will bring the camp directly to you and your friends to you can learn and hone your basketball skills with the people you love to play with!

We Bring The Camp To You!

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Camps For All Ages and Skill Levels

Game Time Training makes playing basketball fun by creating an environment that encourages participation. By providing a mix of competitive contests, scrimmages and skills development, our players leave with confidence, determination and a positive basketball experience.

Why Choose One Of Our Mini-Camps?

Our mini-camps are an absolutely fantastic way to hone your basketball skills over the summer, here's why:

  • Convenient location

  • Full flexibility 

  • Customized training workouts

  • Small group setting

  • Opportunity to play with friends

  • Qualified basketball trainer

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How It Works

Create Group (6-10 Players Per Group)

Groups are created by families and friends. If you are an individual without a group, please email us and we will work together to place your son or daughter.

Select Your Dates And Time Slots

We will be offering 3-Day or 5-Day options. Train from 9am-12pm, or 1-4pm.

Register Your Camp

Submit the form and GTT will follow up to finalize details and confirm camp.

Secure Your Camp

Pay your deposit. Training rates are based on number of players, hours and sessions. Your camp deposit will secure your agreed upon camp session.

Boy Or Girl
Date Range (What weeks are you interested in for yor camp)
Length (How many days would yo like your camp to be?)
Time (What time wuld you like your camp(s) to start/end?)
Location (Where will your camp(s) be held?)

Interest Form


If you are interested in registering your kid(s) for one of our camps, then fill out this contact form and we will be in touch to answer any questions you have and get your camp scheduled!

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